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Jessica Charitable Trust

I'm Medi Selvaraju - Dob 16/07/1973 Founder Chairman of Jessicatrust. Here I convey my heart for bringing transformation, in the society around me, through this trust.

Since 2003 I have worked for unprivileged people in society particularly, some groups of people like Koya, Gotti Koya, and Dalitas were benefited from our work.

The founder grew up in a remote area among tribal people by learning and understanding the situations in the tribal Koya society, they were living in an uncivilized way. The founder can speak both Koya and Gotti Koya along with mother tongue (Telugu). Every day founder and his wife - Medi sanjukta, travel to the tribal village to carry out activities and return to Ntr district where they are staying. Medi Selvaraju (Founder) practised medicine and treated Koya and Gotti Koya for the diseases of cold, fever, and diarrhoea and used to give medicine. And later used to conduct medical camps with his team.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to establish a network of inventive solutions in Education, Livelihood, Healthcare, and other sectors to maximise their full potential and drive systemic transformation."

Our Vision

Jessica Trust Rebuild the human dignity of the poor marginalized through an empowerment process, education, food security, health care, and employment for the unemployed and creates opportunities for a sustainable society. Our mission is to bring education opportunities and to promote health and social rights to those to whom such opportunities hence previously been denied to poverty families circumstances or oppression.
The trust aims to work with the most marginalized members of the community and help create a safer environment for all men and women, especially vulnerable children, and to provide support and encouragement to help improve their living and social conditions, through right-based and ethically and sound education, empowerment programmed sewing machines training, protection and care and Financial Independence initiatives to help them recognized their importance and value as a responsible individual within civil society.

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